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To empower aspiring and emerging coaches with world-class knowledge & skills so that, together, we can lead the global wellness movement.


Inside WCA, we teach women how to become wildly successful wellness coaches.

We empower you with everything you need: wellness expertise, coaching skills mastery, certification, and comprehensive business training to help you achieve your career goals in the wellness industry.

We want you to achieve the level of financial success in your business that gives you total freedom in your life.

We want to build a world where women are leading the wellness movement.

When we all focus on prevention and holistic wellness, the ripple effect in our communities is massive.

At WCA, we work with women who are passionate about wellness (no matter their background) and give them everything they need to achieve serious financial freedom so that they can go out into the world and make a massive impact.

We're determined to give you total freedom in your life, because that's when you can make the difference you are here to make.

It’s time for women to step into their true potential and lead the charge in making the world a healthier, happier place.



are you joining us?

I graduated from medical school in 1997, and then practiced medicine for 20 years as a family physician.

During that time I learned, first-hand, how truly broken the healthcare system is. Unfortunately, conventional healthcare is not designed to help people with holistic wellbeing, prevention, or lifestyle improvement — and we need these things now more than ever.

A huge gap became painfully obvious to me and I pivoted toward the more holistic, preventive, transformative approach I found inside the coaching model. And it soon became clear: wellness coaching is the future. 

The healthcare system isn't broken because we need more doctors. What we really need is more health & wellness coaches.

The problem?

All the health coach training programs I encountered were outdated, factory-style programs that taught a laundry list of nutrition theories but didn't actually help their students create true success in the industry.

And when health coaches remain "best-kept secrets" or are stuck in their day jobs with no end in sight, how many people are they able to truly help?

I decided to create the training program that needed to exist. 

how wca began

Hi, I'm Dr. Kim Foster

Dr. Kim Foster, M.D.

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While test-driving all the big health, wellness, and life coach training programs out there, I spent years developing the curriculum of my own program.

And I made a commitment to include everything a new coach needs to create incredible success and make a big impact. I developed this program to specifically — and thoroughly — train women who wanted to rise to the top in the wellness industry.

Today, we have trained students in 11 different countries (and counting!), and our alumni are making a palpable difference in their communities across the globe. 

We stand as the voice of authority on holistic women’s wellness, and we are ready to empower you with all tools and resources you will need to create fulfillment and freedom for yourself, while making the world a healthier place.




Dr. Kim is a compassionate entrepreneur and healthcare professional who inspires people around the world to live healthy, beautiful, vibrant lives by elevating whole-person wellness.

After experiencing the frustrations and crushing limitations of the conventional healthcare system for many years, she began her journey into entrepreneurship as the founder of The Wellness Coach Academy. By training new health and wellness coaches through the Academy, she has helped others build their businesses, find freedom, and promote healthy, balanced living across the globe.

Dr. Kim Foster, M.D.

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